In a world of non-talented hip-hop artists and terrible producers complimented with over saturated social networks, comes the original music of KAREEM.
Born in Mount Holly, New Jersey, Kareem grew up with a Father who influenced him to get involved with music at an early age. Experimenting with old school vinyl, tape decks and record players, Kareem's love for all kinds of music blossomed.
Kareem's family soon moved to Eastern Cincinnati, Ohio, where most of his childhood and musical growth occurred.

The ambition and passion over the years has led to the relentless production of countless songs. Combining original beat making with his own style of singing and rhyming, Kareem brings nothing less than the best Alternative/Hip Hop music, this world has to offer.
Today there are several videos that have surfaced on youtube that have caught the eyes of many.

Not to mention many other unreleased tracks ready for the world to experience. Kareem is a one-man talent, who has never relied on any other person for help with production or writing.

He is capable of making a song in 45 minutes or less, ready to bump in your truck, no questions asked. The music industry is not ready for this raw talent and definitely not ready to deal with the real life experiences Kareem has to offer to a lot of people who can relate to tragedy, and everyday life. The world is hindered by an influx of non-believers, who live to hate and hate to see an original talent like this. Kareem is more than ready to bring a brand new experience to the ears of all people across the world. KAREEM BABY!!!!

© KAREEM 2011

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